Fat grafting makes use of the fat cells that are already contained in your body. Because the fat cells are already acquainted with your personal DNA and have an up close and personal lifelong relationship with you and the rest of your body, it stands a better chance at living happily within your body but in a different location. All that is happening is that the baby fat cells are harvested and replanted elsewhere in your body to continue growing. When this happens the natural growth cycle will add some volume to those deflated areas (in your face, as an example). This results in a more youthful appearance.


With fat grafting, because it makes use of your existing natural tissue, the results look more natural and not like something out of a horror movie special effects department. Sure, there are a couple of weeks where there is some swelling but it will subside. Most faces bounce back within 2 to 4 weeks and the final look is quite natural.


Body Contouring, or call it what you want. The bottom line is that with fat grafting you are actually contouring your body into the shape you want it to be – without the messy sweating and time spent in a gym.


The best part is that you can ‘contour’ pretty much anything that is currently on your body. Anything from fully lips, saggy cheeks, breasts and buttock.  They can look perky again with a little bit of fat from somewhere else on your body injected into them.  


The technology used in the fat grafting nowadays is quite simple, basically take a bit of fat out from those excess bulges and immediately re-injecting into parts where you want to improve, almost becoming a common daily routine in clinics around the world.


Fat grafting is the new body contouring craze and you can get yourself looking refreshed and new without nips and tucks. Smokers, however, are less advantage because fat graft may not survive as well as those in non-smokers.


How Good Is The Fat Grafting Procedure?  Once the swelling goes down, you are pretty much good to go without the risk of “rejection”. All it uses it your own fat cells and that it’s not synthetic nor is it a toxic byproduct of something else.


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