The medical procedures I went through consisted of 2 parts. The 1st part (mid-face) referring to the area of the face from the eyes to the level of the mouth.  The 2nd part (neck and jowl area) covered the entire and jawline area.


The time needed for the 1st part was about 30 mins and for the 2nd part was 15-20 mins.  The period for recovery was about 5-6 days for the 1st part and 3-4 days for the 2nd part.


After the procedures, there were only a few needle points visible and only 2 small wounds within the hairline not visible from the outside.   I have some small bruises around these wounds but were coverable by cosmetic makeup. 

wong sau yan 18042018 left latera

Self Photos / Files - wong sau yan 18042018 right Summarizing my experience, the procedures were just simple painless and effective. The results are satisfactory, as both side of my face obviously has lifted up. The neck and eye bag areas have tightened.